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Day 2: A poem about your favourite, famous positive role model.

It seems silly that i’ll write about someone I don’t know personally,
But you, you’re a busy body with a magnetic personality.

You inspire me to desire more,
To reach higher and fuel my inner fire.

Famous to the globe but you model a much bigger role in my world,
The words you speak, I quote.
The values you preach, I take note.
And for that you deserve ‘Thank you’ notes.

You deserve true love and a spotlight,
You deserve loyal fans and all the shine,
You deserve more poems posted about you online,
You deserve prime-time attention to say what’s on your mind.

Thank you for being there in my ears when i needed a friend,
Thank you for motivating music when i felt i was at my wits’ end,
Thank you for the advice you gave me in the form of melodic poems,
Thank you for being you, sharing yourself with the world and letting us into your realm.

By: Shevelle Thomas 02/04/2014

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